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Production: Sunflower headers, rapeseed harvester, soybean adapter, sunflower harvester, header trolleys, header repair

Production of modern headers

Our company was formed immediately after the collapse and liquidation of the Pervomaisky Plant of Agricultural Machines. The engineering and technical personnel of which became involved in our ranks. Re-equipment and repair of headers accounted for 95% of the orders of our young enterprise. This was the beginning and start for the independent design and production of harvesting and auxiliary equipment for combine harvesters and tractors (Production of sunflower header, header trolley, rapeseed harvester, soybean adaptor, headers repair).

Production of Sunflower header, header trolley, rapeseed harvester, soybean adaptor, repair of the headers


The work of the enterprise related to the production of reapers and equipment for harvesting began in 2000. Continuous development does not stop. We are constantly moving forward in step with the times, taking into account all technological trends. Our products help you to have efficient harvest.

Production of Sunflower headers

Berdyansk Header Plant occupies a leading position in Ukraine and the near abroad in the development and production of equipment for harvesting. Such as rapeseed, sunflower, grain, soybeans, peas and other cereal crops. We are constantly modernizing products and controlling all stages of the technological process. When mechanically assembling of the harvesting equipment, we use only high-quality and proven components. All production workers undergo regular certification, which allows them to maintain their qualifications. The engineering and technical staff constantly monitors modern trends, innovations, as well as testing samples of Sunflower header, header trolley, rapeseed harvester, soybean adaptor, repair of the headers in the field.

A company from Berdyansk, Ukraine, Zaporozhye region, which has always provided high quality engineering documentation, production and technical control. In addition, this allows us to maintain a high level, and regularly raise the rating of the enterprise in the domestic and foreign markets. Thanks to the two-way communication between the management and employees.

A modern sunflower header for your combine harvesters. Berdyansk Header Plant-we are manufacturing headers and equipment for organizing the harvesting process. This header provides high cutting speed and trouble-free harvesting. It allows the operator of the combine harvester to move in different directions without reducing the productivity of the harvesting equipment. Weed protection and ability to mow with a sunflower stem moisture content of 10-20%. 

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Trust the professionals, which create harvesting equipment that competes with global brands. Such as Zaffrani, Fantini, New Holland, Case, Sampo, Laverda, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, and of course John Deere. In addition, we carry out repairs of the harvesting headers. For example, we repair cantilever augers, reel. Moreover, you can get a re-equipment of the header for the modern Schumacher cutterbar. In conclusion, competent restoration of the frame and deck of the header of your combine.

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Headers for the Harvesting: sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, trolley