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Sunflower header Ukraine

The sunflower header Ukraine ZHSN from Berdyansk Headers Plant is a professional attachment for your harvesters. The efficiency of this equipment during harvesting is achieved by reducing losses to 1%. In addition, this sunflower header mows the crop regardless of the direction of the crop rows. The sunflower is moved from the lifters to the knife of sunflower header ZHSN-6 until the sunflower heads hit the three-blade reel. After cutting off the stem of the sunflower, the reel of the header for harvesting the sunflower ZHSN-6 delivers the cut mass to the receiving cantilever auger. This ensures a continuous and stable crop supply to the feeder house of your harvester.

Sunflower header Ukraine

  1. The sunflower header ZHSN Berdyansk easily adapts to all combines harvesters. The machine operator carries out the attachment of the equipment independently and without the help of specialized operators.
  2. The header drive and all the cutting mechanism are made of high quality materials and components. The cutter drive reducer ensures a productive feed rate and a minimum of sunflower crop losses.
  3. The header auger contains a safety clutch. That's why it provides a reliable and uninterrupted supply of sunflower cuttings.
  4. The equipment mechanism receives torque from the cardan and splined shafts, which are connected to the power take-off shaft of your combine harvester.

Sunflower header ZhSN-6 Drive mechanism

Sunflower reel of headers

Reel cleanout fingers

Sunflower header ZHSN Ukraine dividers

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