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Sunflower header Case, Massey Ferguson, Polesie

Sunflower header Case, Massey Ferguson, Polesie can be produced in 5 meter versions; 6 meters; 7.4 meters and 9.1 meters. Manufacture of mounted and trailed equipment for the organization of the harvesting process since 2000. Professional agricultural equipment for efficient results with minimal losses. We consider ZHSN sunflower header as a professional tool in the hands of a combine harvester operator. It has become more reliable, faster and more efficient over time. This is repeatedly confirmed by the reviews of satisfied customers. HIGH QUALITY of component materials and components is guaranteed by tests in real field conditions. Before shipment, each header is tested on a bench under load, which simulates conditions similar to the real one.

Sunflower header CaseSunflower header Massey FergusonSunflower header Lida-1300