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Sunflower header John Deere, Fendt, Topliner

Sunflower header John Deere, Fendt, Topliner can be produced in 5 meter versions; 6 meters; 7.4 meters and 9.1 meters

Easy connection

One movement is enough to attach the linkage frame to the combine feeder house. A lever lock ensures that the sunflower header is in the correct position when harvesting.

Row side of sunflower header Ukrainian ZHSN-7 metersharvesting by sunflower header with John Deere

Sunflower harvesting independly of the sowing direction

The special constructive of sunflower header and the layout of the tips allow to harvest the product regardless of the distance between the rows (row free system), and of the sowing direction. The row-free sunflower header ZHSN modern and technological innovation that regularly improve and update.

Harvesting 2021 Ukraine John Deere 9770 with sunflower header ZHSN-7 and ZHSN-9sunflower header Ukraine ZHSN-7 meters