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Header Auger Repair

The services of the repair workshop of the Berdyansk Plant are a full range of work related to the restoration and modernization of the headers. Repair of the header auger is one of the regular repair and restoration activities.

Header Auger Repair

Berdyansk Headers Plant is a leader in the field of their repair and modernization. We provide services for the implementation of small, major and current repairs of headers. Our engineering and technical staff have professional skills and significant success in "bringing the dead to life". Headers, which are easier to call scrap metal. Manufacturing since 2000 and that's why we have the resources to rebuild your header. Professionalism and focus on results allows us to serve you faithfully for more than 22 years. Our production equipment allows us to produce high quality and precise agricultural machinery for harvesting. In conclusion, a large material and technical base and reliable suppliers give us the right to be the leaders in the field of repairing headers of any complexity.

Repair of the auger header Claas Lexion
Header Auger Condition Before and After Repair

Over the entire period, more than 1,500 augers have been restored at the enterprise. In work we accept cantilever augers of headers 3-12 meters.

Auger troubleshooting

Preliminary estimate of the cost of work after the identification of malfunctions and breakdown of the header. The result of the work done is the troubleshooting of the auger. The list of works on the repair of the header auger is reflected in the defect list. In addition, to start coordinating work on the header, you will need its photographs.

Auger repair stages

  • Removal of the damaged auger fragment.
  • Replacing the cylindrical part of the auger.
  • Installation of new turns of the spiral of the cantilever auger.
  • Modernization of the finger apparatus.
  • Auger balancing.
  • Painting and collation.