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Header trolley 7 meters

For the transportation of wide-cut headers, we offer you additional trailed equipment for organizing the harvesting process. The header trolley 7 meters will cover all your questions about the transportation of agricultural machinery. When moving across the terrain from field to field, you need to be confident in the safety and efficiency of this procedure. The design of the trolley for headers TZH-7 will allow you to easily and quickly remove the grain, sunflower or corn header and fix it on the cradles of the trolleys. The attachment of the headers from the trolley is also quick. TZh-7 does not require over-efforts of the personnel. It is adapted to any tractor, combine harvester or car.

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Trolley for transporting the header 7 meters

We have been producing modern professional headers for harvesters since 2000. So we needed products such as trolleys for transporting headers for internal use. More later, the market showed us that this position is in demand among the owners of harvesters. Therefore, today we can offer several industrial options for trolleys for transporting headers.

Their cost depends on the design and configuration. The sale of products takes place after agreeing on all the technical nuances of your future trolley headers. This support, cradle or adapter allows the tilt angle to be adjusted for different headers when set to transport position. Therefore, almost all types of reapers can be transported on this transport trolley. For headers with a chopper, the trolley (option) can be equipped with additional supporting chairs.

Trolley for transporting the header 7 meters

The trolley header support adapter is one of four support cradles for holding the header on it. Adjustable perpendicular bar to support the cutterbar of the headers. Make adjustments to suit your header cutter bar. Maintaining a flexible bar for collecting lodged crops (like terraflex, super flex).

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Trolley for header 7 meters difference

  1. A trolley for header with a carrying capacity of 4500 kg is reinforced on a wide run. Customers prefer to order this trolley for easy transport on trawls. Wide track front and rear axles.
  2. The front swivel axle of the trolleys can be on a narrowed track. Trolley for header 7 meters with a scythe size of up to 8 meters.
  3. Variety of TZh-7.5 is suitable for transporting headers 7; 7.3; 7.5 and 7.6 meters. This header trolley is equipped with wheels with agricultural tires 10.00 / 75-15.3, the rear axle of the trolley, and the front one can be either 6.50 / 16 or 10.0 / 75-15.

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