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Rapeseed harvester PRN-6

Rapeseed harvester PRN-6 works in tandem with the grain header of John Deere, New Holland, Claes Lexion, Case, Massey Ferguson, Claes Tucano, Sampo, Fendt, Laverda, Deutz Farr, Dominator, Mega, Polesie, Slavutich, Akros, Vector, Versatil, Yenisei, Dnipro , Don-1500, etc. An individual production of a rapeseed adapter is provided for each header.

Rapeseed harvester PRN-6 for 6 meters grain header

Rapeseed harvester PRN-6 for the grain header New Holland

Rapeseed harvester PRN-6 for you

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Rapeseed harvester and its features

The rapeseed harvester, as an adapter for your grain header, extends its platform up to 75 mm.

· Mowing of rapeseed when entering the header with a rapeseed adapter, occurs with side knives. In other words, we have excluded the possibility of the sidewall catching rapeseed thickets;

· Captures small rapeseed grain and prevents it from falling on the soil;

· Cutting mechanisms of rapeseed harvesters have increased modes than those of a grain header. Thus, the working speed of the combine when harvesting rapeseed is increased to 10 km / h.

· The kinematics of the side vertical knives of the rapeseed harvester allows not to overload the cutting unit of the rapeseed platform as a whole.

Rapeseed harvester PRN-6. Design

Rapeseed table price reduced until the end of the month. 24 months warranty.