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Rapeseed adapter PRN-9 for the grain header

The production of rapeseed adapters for the grain headers was started in 2006. The PRN-9 rapeseed adapter works in tandem with the grain header of John Deere, New Holland, Klaas Lexion, Case, Massey Ferguson, Klaas Tucano, Sampo, Fendt, Laverda, Deutz Farr, Mega, Polesie, Akros, Vector, Versatil, Yenisei, Dnipro, Don-1500, etc. An individual production of a rapeseed adapter is provided for the nine-meter header of different harvesters.

Rapeseed adapter PRN-9 for the grain header  Rapeseed adapter 9 meters

The device for harvesting rapeseed (rapeseed harvester) PRN-9 is an additional adapter that is attached to the grain header of your combine harvester. The use of the PRN-9 rapeseed adapter allows to minimize the loss of rapeseed. For comparison, we take a grain header without a rapeseed adapter. PRN-9 is a device for harvesting rapeseed, whose work is based on the principle of cutting rapeseed using extra prepared knives. When collecting rapeseed, it is the knife apparatus of the rapeseed adapter and side vertical knives that are involved. These vertical knives can be driven mechanically, hydraulically or electrically. In the case of an automatic hydraulic drive of vertical knives on the left and right sidewalls, the possibility of breakage of the device is practically excluded. Time-tested reliability since 2006. In this case, the knife drive on the left sidewall can be activated as needed.

The device for harvesting rapeseed (rapeseed adapter)

Scheme of rapeseed adapters

Rapeseed adapters, when installed, are based on the sidewalls of the grain header with special turnbuckles. The weight of the rapeseed deviceis not critical for attachment to your header. The frame design is rigid enough to resist deflection of the rapeseed platform and balanced to overload the header and combine harvester assemblies. In addition, all unnecessary vibrations are excluded and when harvesting rapeseed stalks are cut delicately.

Rapeseed adapter PRN-9 scheme