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Soybean adapter for the grain header

Soybean adapter for the grain header is additional tool for re-equipment your harvester. It is efficient harvesting without loss of soybeans. We have been producing soybean adapters for your headers since 2011. Intended use: harvesting of cereals, legumes, and grains.

Soybean adapter for the grain header

The re-equipment provides a productive harvest of grain crops (lying barley, wheat), soybeans, legumes by the method of direct harvesting. When the combine harvester is harvesting the crop, the header adapter cutter bar that flex over contours and ridges to cut soybeans that have pods close to the ground. A flex head can cut soybeans as well as cereal crops, while a rigid grain header is generally used only in cereal grains.When you use this conversion, soybean losses are reduced (about 200 kilograms per hectare).

Soybean adapter design

The soybean adapter design and suspension are good for bumps and pits. During operation, the bottom of the soybean adapter slides over the surface of the field.The bottom consists of some individual skis.Each ski has its own personal spring, which allows you to bend the cutter bar of the soybean harvesting equipment. The beam is made of special spring steel, therefore it bends without deformation and destruction.

Soybean adapter overview


Benefits of Soybean adapter for the grain header

    • Installing a soybean adapter is a simple procedure. In other words, you do not have to disassemble the cutter bar of the grain header assembly during installation. Using the mounting brackets, you attach the springs of the soybean harvesting adapter. The sides of this adapter are secured with lateral threaded clips. Which work like latches.
    • The soybean havester has its own flexible cutter bar that can flex over contours and ridges to cut soybeans that have pods close to the ground. Which cutter bar is driven by a belt drive through a planetary drive gear. This planetary drive has high reliability, quality and cutting speed.
    • A well-thought-out protection system against falling stones and other foreign objects into the working area of the header.
    • The enlarged side dividers of the soybean harvesting attachment qualitatively divide the rows on the field when the header is in operation. This reduces crop losses.
    • The "skis" of the device are protected by polymer sheets, which prevents wet soil from sticking. In other words, the header is not heavier due to contact with the soil.


Due to the design of the chassis, the spring of the soybean adapter performs vertical movement of the cutter bar elements of adapter. It becomes possible to harvest lodged soybeans, legumes, and grain crops. The cutterbar of the grain header, when installed, fits into a pocket on the soybean header. It is not used in crop mowing. This support pocket is connected to the cutter bar by a plurality of support plates. They are arranged one to one without the possibility of falling into the slots between the plates of the crop.


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