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Prepare the header to soybeans

Use a soy attachment to reduce lay crop losses. Re-equip prepare the header to soybeans by connecting the adapter and reduce losses.

Soybean adapter-attachment for header

NPS-5 NPS-6 NPS-7 NPS-9 modifications of Soybean attachment. Adapter for re-equipment of the garain header (4-9 meters). You need it just when it is impossible to mow, because soybeans, peas or barley grow low. In this case, the grain header make huge crop losses. And the soybean adapter series NPS has its own flexible knife apparatus. In addition, the knife will harvesting with Flex effect is performed. The knife mechanism flexes hole in the soil or bends up on a hillock. Such an adapter for soybean harvesting will provide a rational mowing of the harvest of fallen grain, legumes or cereal crops. This allows the combine operator to mow the crop at a distance of 2-3 cm from the ground. In other words, a low stem and grains close to the ground will cut the plant 2–3 cm. On a converted re-equipment header with prepared equipment to duplicate the curves of the soil surface. The main effect is to reduce losses by a quarter. For comparison, soybean is about two hundred kilograms per hectare.

 Re-equip header to soybeans. Soybean adapter of grain header of harvester Soybean Re-equipment of the header C900 Claas Lexion Tucano Mega Dominator 

You can also use the Flex NPS-9 soybean adapter. To re-equip with a 9 meter grain header of your harvester. The header is ready to soybeans harvesting.

Copiers of the attachment repeat these irregularities. Raising or lowering the cutterbar bend. This our soybean harvester mows everything and glides on the copiers' skis. Basic skis standing with a spit of 800 mm and having their own springs. Soy attachment knife mechanism bends down ± 10 cm. Let's save your crop, choose Re-equip the header with soybeans. No more than 3% remains on the field.

Buy soybean adapter. How prepare the grain header to soybean harvesting

  1. Soybean harvester, soybean attachment, header flex - the most important feature is the presence of a special cutter bar. Special spring steel provides flexibility and durability. In addition, the soybean header's bar determines the deflection range of its knife when harvesting. The deflection amplitude is about one hundred millimeters. The minimum cutting height for legumes is 25 mm.
  2. For a soybean adapter, the angle of header's attack can be adjusted. In other words, if you decide to purchase a soybean attachment, you can adjust the mowing angles. This is a direct adaptation of your combine harvester to the conditions of harvesting fallen crops: soybeans, barley, beans.
  3. With a cutting width of the grain header (6 m or more), the soybean header works optimally. The copiers perfectly follow the unevenness and the maximum and minimum range of the adapter cutter bar position is 100 mm.

Soybean header. Re-equipment of the grain header