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Soybean adapter for 6 7 meters header

This is an adapter for your grain header. This agricultural machinery has been in our production since 2011. Harvesting of soybeans must be properly organized, where agricultural machinery plays an important role. The grain header can cut crops from a distance of 7 cm. Therefore, when it comes to harvesting lodged cereals, cereals or legumes, the grain header passes a lot of crop losses. We offer our customers accessories for a header for harvesting soybeans. This is a 6-7 meter soybean adapter with a Flex effect, or an attachment for harvesting soybeans to your header. This equipment, thanks to the latest developments in harvesting, provides a high working speed of the harvester and minimal crop losses. Copiers make it possible to mow at a distance of 2.5 cm from the field ground. And the range of copying this soil is up to 100 mm. Thus, we are concerned that you do not leave crops in the field.

Soybean adapter for 6 7 meters headers. Visualization of the work of copiers

Soybean adapter reduce vibration, therefore, when in contact with lodged crops, there is less seed loss. The extended working area allows you to cut harvesting time and save on fuel.


Копиры. Соевая приставка 6 7 метров.
Soybean adapter copiers. Arranged in 800 mm increments. Header flex effect

What does a soybean adapter do for your combine header

  • Copying the surface of the field when sliding the copiers of the soybean attachment, due to which the harvester mows both on bumps and holes;
  • provides an underestimation of the knife mechanism of the attachment for collecting soybeans to a minimum cut of 26 mm;
  • Easy installation of the soybean adapter to your grain header thanks to lanyards and locking locks
  • The effect of using - reducing crop losses by 30% and preserving the harvest;
  • Headers with working widths from 4 to 9 m are easily adaptable thanks to the Flex effect of the soybean header.

Soybean header adapting header