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Soybean harvesting equipment: soybean adapter for header 4 5 meters

This is an adapter for your grain header. This mounted agricultural machinery has been in our production since 2011. A very useful accessory for your header when harvesting lodged crops. Thanks to the floating cutter bar, you can cut soybeans up to 2 cm from the surface of the field. The soybean adapter or soybean attachment adapts to almost all combine harvesters models. A special feature of this product is its own cutterbar, which is driven by a V-belt from the pulley of your header. In addition, the Soybean adapter for header 4 5 meter has its own suspension, which consists of guide springs.

Soybean adapter for header 4 5 meters. Springs

What does a soybean adapter do for your grain header

  • automatic copying of the field surface;
  • provides an underestimation of the knife to a cutting height of 2.6 to 10 cm;
  • easy installation takes place at the expense of lanyards and latches;
  • reduction of losses during harvesting of lodged crops by 30%;
  • the possibility of re-equipment of headers with a working width of 4 to 9 m.

Soybean header in operation