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Sunflower header technology

Sunflower header in production plan since 2013. Varieties of this attachment for your harvester, according to its engine power. As a rule, this is a header with a cutterbar size of 5 meters, 6 meters; 7.4 meters and 9.1 meters.

Sunflower header ZHSN-9

Sunflower header ZHSN series

Sunflower header 6 meters

ZHSN-6, cutter bar 6 meters 8 rows of sunflowers

Sunflower header 7.4 meters

ZHSN-7, cutter bar 7.4 meters 11 rows of sunflowers

Sunflower header 9.1 meters

ZHSN-9.1, cutter bar 9.1 meters 13 rows of sunflowers


Benefits of sunflower harvesting header

  1. This harvesting machine belongs to rowless headers. Consequently, the process of mowing sunflower allows the harvester operators not to be tied to the direction of the sowing rows.
  2. Thus, continuous harvesting reduces losses and fuel consumption.
  3. The sunflower header allows for fast harvesting. The cutting speed is about 10-11 km / h.
  4. Simplicity of design and operation. Minimum settings for optimal use of the harvester operator's working time. It means he will be more involved in harvesting precious crops.
  5. Easy access to all mechanisms and units of the header will reduce the time for preventive measures.
  6. Protection against weeds entering the sunflower crop.
  7. Adjusting the clearance of lifters

Sunflower headers have maximum adaptability 

ZHSN sunflower headers are universal and adaptable to any type of harvesters. According the main quality standards of the market of sunflower headers, the connection and inclination of the sunflower header regulation is extremely simple.

Sunflower header universal equipment to any harvester

Easy connection

One movement is enough to attach the linkage frame to the combine feeder house. A lever lock ensures that the sunflower header is in the correct position when harvesting.

Easy connection to your harvester

Harvest purity

The technical characteristics of the ZhSN sunflower header guarantee the harvesting 100% of the sunflower heads. Maximum yield and minimum waste (weeds, stems and leaves) that remain on the field.

Weed control of ZHSN sunflower header

Sunflower harvesting independly of the sowing direction

The special constructive of sunflower header and the layout of the tips allow to harvest the product regardless of the distance between the rows (row free system), and of the sowing direction. The row-free sunflower header ZHSN modern and technological innovation that regularly improve and update.

Sunflower header harvesting

Order, buy, sale the sunflower headers for your harvesters

Order, buy, sale the sunflower headers for your harvesters. Contact with our specialist.

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