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Sunflower header ZHSN-9.1

The sunflower header ZhSN-9.1 is a versatile equipment that fits any model of a combine harvester. You will select the size of your header knew the value engine power of your combine. This sunflower header is manufactured in accordance with market standards and harvesting performance. Installation of the header on the incline chamber of the combine and adjustment of the angle of inclination of the header are simple and are performed by the combine operator independently. Sunflower header for your combine harvesters Claas, John Deere, New Holland, Claas Lexion, Case, Massey Ferguson, Claas Tucano, Sampo, Fendt, Laverda, Deutz Farr, Dominator, Mega, Polesie, Slavutich, Acros, Vector, Versatil, Yenisei , Dnipro, Don-1500, etc. Universal and adaptive sunflower headers you choose accoring the table about frames for combine harvesters. Sunflower headers ZHSN-7.4 are also produced with a cutter bar of 5 meters; 6 meters; 7.4 meters and 9.1 meters. Enamel light green color.

Sunflower header ZHSN-9.1

Rows free system

The pan style sunflower header assure high speeds and a continuos flow of harvesting. Thanks to this technology the operator can proceed in multiple directions with no-stop in working flow.

Sunflower header Claas Tucano

Shield of sunflower header

It drives the flowers towards the knives and it avoids a direct contact between sunflowers and reel not to have seed losses. The shield’s position can be adjusted mechanically or hydraulically (optional). Furthermore, it helps to straighten the heads of flowers, leaving most of the stalks in the field in order to have a clean crop and not to stress the machine.

Sunflower header Claas Dominator


Anti-weeds mechanism of sunflower header

The pinch shaft protects against weeds

Sunflower header ZHSN-9.1 9 meters

 Metal net

The metal net has the task to cover completely the auger ensuring maximum safety and preventing the projection of flowers even at high harvesting speed.
Metal net of sunflower header ZHSN-9

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